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LENHARD DEVELOPMENT has real professionals, tight-knit team of like-minded men capable of completing tasks of any complexity.

We are proud of our company and employees are building their development plans, is based on people, on their professional qualities and skills. Work on the overall result, command style - it's one of our main principles.


LENHARD DEVELOPMENT has proved itself to be a trusted partner in business during the existence of the company.

We are the company that guarantees the quality of our work. Our partners trust is the highest consideration to us! LENHARD experts have more than a hundred completed major projects, among them are dwelling houses, schools, kindergarten, shopping centers, logistics parks and many other objects. Complexes of more than 300 thousand sq. m speak volumes.


The company carries out capital investment projects in the field of construction and exploitation of objects of various designated use and provides investors with range of services of all the development stages of real estate projects.

Lenhard Group focal area is complex development of projects in the field of storage and retail real estate – from searching a land lot and creating a business plan of capital investment project to placing a ready object in commission and building administration.

Lenhard Development:

Trading Centers

Lenhard Development Team - the specialists, behind which, including a rich experience in the implementation of projects of major shopping malls in different regions of Russia. Individual approach to the creation of this category of objects, efficient production processes and understanding of the problems allows us to create not just a shopping area, but truly unique and recognizable buildings with its special history.

Logistic Buildings

We can be proud of the experience of creating objects logistical purposes, because working on such projects, we consider the challenges that are put before a logistics complex at the stage of its design and focused on cost savings, acceleration of turnover and profit. We are working to create their own, often autonomous infrastructure, considered the organization of traffic flow, prepare the conditions for storage and redistribution of all types of cargo.


Our company is involved in the implementation of investment projects in the construction and operation of facilities for various purposes, and provides investors with a range of services for the implementation of all stages of the development of real estate projects - from concept development to delivery ready for operation of the "turnkey".


Through its main function, the company offers a full Lenhard Development cycle development services: concept development and preliminary draft, position estimate and the feasibility study of the project design and project evaluation, contracting and construction, marketing, management and disposal of the results.



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